• Magento Website Development Platform is Ideal for All Ecommerce Solutions

    Jan 25, 2013

    Magento website development platform has ushered in a huge revolution in global ecommerce ventures. Development of online shopping cart websites and creation of powerful web stores has become a very simple process after the arrival of Magento. Ecommerce solutions are benefiting strongly from the features, performance, and flexibility of Magento.

    The Major features of Magento as a platform for ecommerce solutions are:

    • Easy product browsing
    • Flexible catalog browsing and catalog management
    • Multiple shipping and payment options
    • Checkout
    • Simple site management
    • Easy order management and order tracking
    • Powerful analytics and reporting
    • Multiple currency and multiple language support
    • Guest checkout
    • Flexible order editing
    • Multiple images for several products
    • User-friendly product comparison

    Magento is an absolutely open source platform that allows development of multiple web stores. Magento has several plugins to broaden the capabilities of this platform in building online stores. The theme-based design of Magento with several customizable templates, as well as cools skins and layouts helps Magento ecommerce website developers in easy and fast creation of powerful ecommerce websites.

    The main interfaces that Magento offers to online store development professionals are:

    • Magento blends open source platform with powerful features in ecommerce industry so that you have complete control of your online business and ecommerce website
    • One single backend admin panel allows you to run several online shopping carts simultaneously
    • Highly advanced and in-built content management system (CMS) to help you in managing products catalogs related to your specific business requirements
    • In-built search engine optimization (SEO) features that offer higher visibility of your online shopping cart to search engine, resulting in higher number of visitors to your online store
    • Multiple gateways for payment and shipping, facilitating smooth global business operations
    • Highly useful features, such as drop down menus, product comparisons, single page checkout, offering hassle free online shopping experience to your visitors
    • Wide range of Magento skins to customize your online ecommerce store to suit your particular business

    The main reason why Magento emerges as the right choice for your ecommerce dreams is its user-friendly features. Further, technical aspects like PHP web development, Apache servers, SOAP, and MySQL, etc. make Magento a strong platform for ecommerce website development.