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    Metro Bus – An Out of the Box WordPress Based Website

    Apr 30, 2013


    WordPress developers at are highly innovative and skilled and they prove this with every project they undertake. Recently, our WordPress developers created a sophisticated and functional website for Metro Bus in Minnesota. There was a lot of content and information that was to be incorporated. For a standard WordPress developer, this would have been overwhelming but we did it with ease.


    Our entire WordPress theme for Metro Bus was based on the colors of their buses; red and white. With a pinch of black here and there, we managed to create a theme that was complemented the business purpose.

    Home Page

    Visitors land directly on the Home page where they can find tabs to other pages, pictures of Metro Bus services, information regarding the service and a map showing areas where these buses are functional. We managed to include all of this in a very user-friendly manner, to avoid visitors from getting puzzled.

    Other Pages

    There are several pages in the website.

    College Connect: The page talks about accessing the Metro Bus services through nearby bus stands or pick and drop services.

    Fares: Talks about fares of the different services provided.

    Dial a Ride: The page gives information regarding the companys dial a ride service.

    Riding Metro Bus: A page that offers free guides to anyone who wishes to drive a Metro Bus.

    News and Events: The page gives out news and event information.

    About Us: Gives an overview of the services along with the history of it.

    Contact Us: Offers contact information of the bus service.

    In order to make the website prestigious, it was important to make sure it is friendly, professional and at the same time not overly loaded with colors and designs. Therefore, our WordPress developers kept it simple yet giving it the feel it required.

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