• Myles Vives Blog – A WordPress Development for a How-To Business Blog

    May 01, 2013

    Developing a fully functional blog with a plethora of features for aspiring entrepreneurs is never easy. Each and every aspect of the website had to be in line with the message that was being given. Our WordPress developers did a great job to ensure Myles Vives gets a blog that not only delivers his message but also portrays him as an authority in the field.


    The entire theme is a highly innovative one with enough styling to grasp user attention. The background is kept black with blue tones over it. Fonts are white with mostly grey background.

    Home Page

    Visitors land on the Home page where they are greeted with a welcome just below some pictures of Myles Vives. On the right side of these pictures, visitors can find a short registration form through which they can contact Myles for working together. On the top, there are tabs, each leading to a different page of the website.

    Other Pages

    – About: The About page talks about who Myles Vives. It gives visitors a biography of Myles and some inspirational words to get going.

    – Services: The page gives an overview of the services provided by Myles Vives.

    – Speak: A page dedicated to Myles speaking services. Myles speaks as a motivational speaker.

    – Blog: As the name implies, the page directs users to Myles blog.

    – Contact: Gives out contact information of Myles.

    The website has six pages in total. Although it is a small website, our WordPress developers made sure that is able to grasp user attention.

    You too can have a similar Website for your business. Nevertheless, a powerful web appearance will give your business the boost it deserves. Hire WordPress developers from to give your business a solid and catchy online presence.