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    Mar 25, 2013


    About the website:

    New Zealand Property Investors is a website to bring out Property Investors, Sellers and Property Professionals together who wish to buy and sell property in the cities of New Zealand. Along with this, they also provide NZ ‘Business Directory’ for all users’ property needs. Here, users can review the listings of property investments for sale and gather detailed information about them in order to arrive at a decision.


    Client Requirements:

    The client wanted to provide users a ‘One Stop Property Investment Shop’. This website consists of two pages:-

    A) Property Investors Website :
    B) Business Directory Website :

    The website provides the deals which are listed for sale by Buyers Agents, Property Traders, Directly by the Vendor, Developer or their Agent/Representative. To get the deals or to know about them, registration is mandatory. Then only the user can enter into the ‘Deal Room’ i.e. the main area of the website for dealing and investing in the right kind of property.

    (A) Property Investors

    Detailed Features:

    1. To access this website and to get all the information the user needs to get registered first.

    a) Dealers can sign-up, login and view property deals in the “deal room” area.
    Deal Room Area: There is a designated area where dealers can look at all the different properties uploaded by various traders. The area features a search bar which can be used to perform advanced searches on available properties. Each page shows 8 properties and their respective details.
    Dealer’s Profile: At the time of registration, dealers can create a profile. They can use the ‘My Profile’ area of the website to edit the profile information whenever required.
    Investors Toolkit: This is a specialized area for investors where the website admin uploads downloadable files and other material. Investors and dealers may find this material helpful.

    b) Traders/Finders/Sellers can sign up, login and upload property deals in the “Traders Room” area.
    Submit A Deal: Traders can submit the profile of their property along with other relevant details of the deal. This is the area where traders do most of their business.
    Manage Property Deals: Traders can manage their entire portfolio and are able to view all the deals they may have uploaded in the past. They can also view details of the deals along with all the communication that may have transpired between them and clients. Traders can also edit the status of their deals. They can choose to activate/deactivate/inactivate/delete or put their deal under conditional contract.
    Traders’ Profile: At the time of registration, each trader uploads a profile for themselves. In the profile area, traders can edit their profile whenever required.
    Article Writing: Traders can showcase their experience and expertise by writing articles and sending them to the website admin. These articles are posted in the blog section of the website and present a great opportunity for traders to share their knowledge.
    Contact Section: Traders can request to be paired up with a trading manager who can take care of all of the trader’s requests. At any point of time the identity of buyers and sellers are not disclosed to each other.

    2. Internal Message Board – The website has an internal message board where the buyers and traders can communicate with each other and exchange files. There is one message board for each communication for ease of both the parties.

    3. Experienced Property Finder – Investors can achieve their real estate goals with the help of this portal. This gives investors the opportunity to add value to their real estate investments or buy real estate at a purchase rate below market value so that they can sell it for a hefty profit.

    4. Hassle Free Purchasing and Selling – Whether investors want to purchase property for investment or for living in it, the entire process can be made hassle free with the help of this website.

    5. Stress Free Transactions – New Zealand Property Investors take out the stress from researching as well as selling or purchasing of properties by eliminating lengthy negotiations and numerous meetings.

    6. Deal with Experts – There is a specialized expert area where traders and dealers can find expert advice and articles. Experts have their own login information and they can keep track of the articles they have written.

    7. Contact Traders Directly – Dealers can contact traders independently and without any interference. They can simply click on the ‘Contact the Trader’ button and exchange messages with them on the message board.

    8. Customized Uploading – Traders can different property types apartments, flats, condominiums etc. They can also specify deal type, tenancy status, construction materials and added features like parking, lawn and pool etc. for each of their properties.

    (B) Business Directory Website

    Detailed Features:

    Property Genie is a business directory website as well for everything related with property. Visitors can look for any services related to property/housing by simply choosing the category, region and City/Town details. They can choose from services like Roofing Contractors, Concrete Services, Home Appliances, Builders, Decorators, Electricians, Banks, etc. in their respective areas.
    Visitors / Customers after using any of the above services can choose to drop a feedback about their experience which will certainly be helpful for the prospective customers. They can also view a particular service provider’s previous work, their certificate of accreditation and testimonials. They can locate businesses easily through directions provided by the interactive map.

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    Website Features:

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