• Online Baby Pool

    Oct 05, 2010


    About the website:

    Online Baby Pool is a website to welcome the birth of a new born and involve the family members, friends and colleagues in the celebrations in an exciting manner. The basic purpose of the website is to allow the users to invite participants for submitting their guesses before a baby is born and announcing winners through polls.


    Client Requirements:

    The client required us to give an easy and interactive way to participate and join in the fun of guessing baby’s time of birth, baby’s gender (if unknown), suggesting names and leave memorable messages for the baby. Anyone expecting a baby or friends and relatives can easily create a baby pool. It brings the family and friends together to celebrate the birth of the new born.

    Parents can upload a photo of the newborn when the time comes and it is a great way to alert everyone of all the details and announce the winner.

    Detailed Features:

    1. Registration is mandatory to access this website. Any user can simply register, create their own baby pool and become an administrator.

    2. A user can choose the number of participants from 5, 25 or Unlimited. Different set of charges apply for each membership category except for the first one which is free for 5 members.

    3. The users can then send invites to friends for their guesses.

    4. Only the registered user can select the expected due date, set some parameters such us how many guesses participants can have.

    5. The users can email a link to everyone and may even offer a small prize to the winner such as a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

    6. When the participants enter the site, a calendar with the due date highlighted will appear and they can enter their guesses into the calendar in hourly increments, answer Pool Survey’s and even leave a message.

    7. The user can also send a Gift Voucher to the ones who are expecting so that they can set up their own Online Baby Pool.

    8. Lastly and most importantly, when the baby arrives, logon to the “Close Online Baby Pool” link, put in the vital statistics like Gender, Weight, Name, and upload the picture and an email will be sent automatically to all who are registered to announce the winner.

    Industry: Online Baby Pool

    Website Features:

    • Login/Register
    • Email Support
    • PayPal Payment Gateway


    • Custom PHP
    • HTML
    • MySQL
    • Smarty
    • Ajax

    Solutions Provided:

    Custom Web Development, User Management, Email Template Management