• Our First Ever Urban Music Promotion Website Launches Successfully

    Apr 26, 2012

    In our stead to become a premier web development outsourcing firm in India, we have gained a giant stride with the launch of, the website for urban music promoters On Point Promotions. The website represents the energy and the vibrancy associated with urban music in Australia. The colors and designs used in the website give the visitor a feeling that they are a part of this extraordinary musical movement that’s taking over Australia and the rest of the world.

    On Point Promotions is a dynamic youth focused company that continuously strives to promote the growth and popularization of live urban music in Australia. They do this by promoting shows b y some of the biggest urban performers and groups such as the Black Eyed Peas, T-Pain, Sean Paul,LL Cool J, Cypress Hill and The Game along with many others.


    Exclusive Club Nights Area: The weekend is the time when all of Australia lets its hair down and starts enjoying. On Point Promotions organizes events like Glamorous Fridays at the Gold Bar in Perth, Classic Saturdays with lots of old school RnB and New Jack Swing and the Smooth Sundays with RnB, hip hop and dance hall.

    Past Events: For visitors who want to find out about all the past events organized by On Point Promotions, this is the place to come to. The past events section gives a chronological listing of all the events organized by the company.

    Future Events: For those interested in participating in the events organized by On Point Promotions, this is the place where they can find information about all upcoming events, shows and parties.

    Photo Gallery:The website comes integrated with a photo gallery that contains photographs from all past events, parties and tours. Here fans can find behind the scenes photographs of performers and the groups.

    Team Page:For those who want to get to know On Point Promotions better, this is the team page where they can find about the team members. Fans can also read through the details of featured members of the team. There are additional goodies like videos of the featured team member in action and the schedule of all the upcoming events featuring this member.

    Live Facebook Feed: Along with everything else, visitors can also get On Point Promotion’s entire Facebookfeed live on the homepage of the website. This helps fans know everything that’s happening with the group and they can keep in touch with them in a better manner.

    Our custom web development team has seamlessly combined all the elements of the website and made them come together in a way that allows the website to come alive. Fans can register themselves to get all kinds of updates from the group. They can login to the website using their Facebook ids and get access to a lot of great stuff.