• Selling Products Online Through E-commerce Websites

    Mar 16, 2011

    Companies in the 21st century are increasingly using web to sell their goods and services. E-commerce websites, being the most common platform to do so, are becoming common by the day. and are two of the most common and most successful e-commerce websites on www. are perfect examples of successful e-commerce websites. With an e-commerce website, your business is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week provided you have a professionally and nicely built website. This is where the need of a good, capable and trust worthy web development company comes in.

    The following qualities makes an e-commerce website work effectively:

    – Clean layout
    – Trustworthy Feel
    – Easy to Navigate
    – Soothing Colors
    – Most importantly… should sell the right products.

    A usual e-commerce website package gives you the following features:

    Frontend: Ability for the users to…

    – Register with the website
    – Buy products as a guest visitor
    – Search for products
    – Read informative pages
    – Browse categories, sub-categories and products
    – Pay for products in a secure environment
    – Track orders
    – Create wishlists
    – Compares two or more products
    – For specific products – ability to choose size, color and quantity
    – Ordering/Shipping/Payment
    – Discount coupons
    – Credit card processing
    – Multiple sales tax calculations
    – Invoice/Receipt display after payment
    – Tracking number
    – Email confirmation of order with receipt

    Admin: Ability for the site administrator to…

    – Create Categories, sub-categories and upload products
    – Upload details like old price, new price, description, pictures and more information on products
    – Upload information about the website and the products
    – Manage sales
    – SKU codes
    – Manage payments
    – Track orders
    – Manage user accounts
    – Bulk product uploads
    – Stock management system
    – Download orders to a .csv file

    Apart from the above, the e-commerce websites can be customized to meet specific requirements from clients. Features like live video streaming, forum, blog, audio clips etc too can be accommodated. A capable company that provided e-commerce solutions would be able to these customizations.