• Simple Resume Tips for Professionals in the Technology Field

    May 10, 2012

    You may think that you have a great resume, however if you simply are not getting the right kind of calls, perhaps there’s something missing from it. If you’re a technology professional, here are some simple guidelines for you to boost your resume and be certain that it impresses the ideal people at the right places.

    Grab Attention

    It is essential to confirm that your resume can attract the right kind of attention. Plenty of people who deal with resumes have loads of them to see. So that they will end up spending some few seconds to scan each of the resumes from a huge pile that they receive. Only if they see one thing that catches their attention, do they venture to read the entire document. Should your resume lose the attention of the recruiter for these few seconds, your resume will end up being inside a pile of trash.

    Never Let Your Resume be Too Lengthy

    It really is tempting to write anything you want in your resume, but it is definitely not recommended. The length of your resume ought to be directly proportional to your experience. Should you have been working only for two months, owning a four page resume will never be optimal. Most recruiters would see lengthy resumes as a complete waste of their time and would simply get rid of them.

    Make a Technical Summary

    If you are an aspiring technical professional, avoid using general summaries in your resume. Use technical summaries where ever possible, with just a little section or a few lines with dedication to general summary. Take into account that although it is vital to showcase your technical prowess, some recruiters could be non technical and may require a few lines as general summary as well.

    Be Specific and Precise

    Precision is important if you find yourself developing your resume. Just remember to write the right dates in your employment plus any qualifications. This is certainly important specifically in those cases in which you could possibly have had a break in that you have a job. It is suggested you be upfront directly at the beginning instead of having recruiters know later.

    Dwell on your Achievements

    Your job role and specific functions are likely to use a great deal of space on your resume, still the vital thing should be to highlight your achievements. Make sure you write down your complete important accomplishments in the resume. This can work very well in impressing recruiters.

    Be Aware of your Language

    Quality writing is very important if you find yourself writing your resume. Tend not to write long winding paragraphs since they can puzzle the mind. Bulleted points work nicely in helping you to combine common activities together into blocks. This will most likely help you to make your resume more readable and a lot more comprehensive.