• Successful Launch of Blood Red Dragon

    Apr 03, 2012

    Our Custom Web Development team feels proud to announce the launch of the official website for Blood Red Dragon – comic book maestro Stan Lee’s latest creation. The website, is a testament to what a team of dedicated professionals from one of the most versatile web design and development firms in the country can do.

    The comic book itself documents the tales of the dark superhero which combine several different elements of anime, sci-fi and classic superhero antics to give Blood Red Dragon a modern Gothic twist. On our part, we at techvoi have tried to bring all these elements into the web design in order to put life into the action hero.What sets Blood Red Dragon apart from Stan Lee’s other creations is the fact that this superstar is based on the musical superstar Yoshiki Hayashi, who has also created music for the superhero’s anime series. Incidentally, we have also had the pleasure of designing Yoshiki’s own personal website.

    We haveattempted to create the website in the form of a labyrinth where each step one takes brings them to a new facet of Stan Lee’s creation. As the home page loads on the screen, the visitor is greeted by a small trailer from the Blood Red Dragon anime series with Yoshiki’s haunting music invigorating the superhero. As they go deeper into the website, visitors come across the story of the superhero “ how the noble musician Yoshiki finds himself turned into the valiant Blood Red Dragon. By digging deeper, they can come across all the important characters of the comic book.

    Visitors can also find out more about the creators of the comic book “ the legendary creator of Spiderman Stan Lee, musical superstar Yoshiki Hayashi, award winning producer and director Todd McFarlene and the creative and talented Jon Goff.

    We have also designed an interactive shopping area for those who would like to purchase the comic book and superhero merchandise. Visitors can also purchase the various issues of the comic books from the website itself. Additionally, there are widgets on the website that allow visitors to link to the facebook pages of the comic book and subscribe to social networking features. Visitors who are interesting in purchasing copies of the comic book for their collection can also locate the stores in which the book is available in their geographical location. This makes it easier for fans who collect Stan Lee’s work or who enjoy comic books and anime.

    With our professional web design and development skills, we have tried to design as comprehensive and creative a website as any comic superhero deserves. We consider it a great achievement to be associated with the likes of living legend Stan Lee and this website is a stepping stone to more such projects in the future.