• techvoi Sets New Standards for Custom Web Development with Philips Australia

    May 11, 2012

    Although our professional Magento Developers have already carved a niche for ourselves in the Magento Ecommerce Development industry, now we are proud to be associated with Philips audios. With Philips Australia seeking us out for creating their website, we have certainly added a new feather in our cap and have made a giant stride in the world of Ecommerce Website Development industry.

    Philips is the worlds leader in music and audio systems and has years of experience of creating the finest quality musical equipment behind them. Philips car component speaker systems are designed to play music without any distortion with special systems designed to restore high fidelity details. For music lovers and discerning buyers, Philips presents excellent products. We have helped Philips Australia showcase their products in a way that allows buyers to know exactly what kind of products are available and which of these suit them best.


    Head Units: By far their most popular product, head units come in a variety of models. Here buyers can see simple head units with digital display and remote controls. There are also head units with touch sensitive digital display units. These units can play videos as well. Different head units have different properties and all of them can be found on the head unit page.

    Speakers: For those buyers who are only looking for installing speakers in their cars, or those who want speakers in addition to head units, there are multiple options on this page. There are speakers with 2 way components along with passive crossover networks. Visitors can also find simple 2 way speakers with small, medium or large power outputs.

    Subwoofers and Boxes: Buyers often also look for components for their audio systems for such buyers, there is a selection of subwoofers and boxes available on this page. Users can choose from amongst high performing audio components with bass boost and subwoofers for peak music output and high performance.

    Amplifiers: For themore discerning buyers, amplifiers are a great buy. These amplifiers can be attached to car audio systems to improve performance and sound and pack power in every audio track. Using these amplifiers, users can get high power with low distortion.

    New Products: While there are lots of pages to display the existing products from Philips, this page displays the new and upcoming products. These cutting edge, state of the art products are superior to anything else in the markets. Users can find details of these products on the page.

    Where To Buy: For users who are wondering where to buy Philips products, the website has made things real easy. The users can search for the web stores nearest to their location. Here users can find all thePhilips car audio dealer locations in Australia. This makes it easier for everyone to get high quality car audio products.

    The clean, sharp and simple to use professional web design and development that we delivered, is along the lines of the professionalism displayed by Philips itself. The website, therefore, sets a high standard and is certainly a great addition to the already large collection of great works done by us in the past.