• techvoi Supports ‘Go Green’ Revolution

    Jan 05, 2012

    In a bid to encourage ‘Go Green’ revolution, we at techvoi, a web design and development firm is proving that eco-friendly operations can coexist with business growth. In this age of Global Warming, the whole team of techvoi makes all small and big possible efforts to save energy in the work environment. These steps make a big difference to the society as a whole.

    There are many businesses going green and some major companies and cooperatives have joined the green revolution and techvoi is simply not lacking behind. Some major steps followed by techvoi in support for ‘Go Green’ campaign is:

    – Usage of bottles that are washed in every few days, thus saving water

    – Ample of natural light for most of the time during the day, thus saving electricity

    – Usage of biodegradable disposable plastic cups for serving tea and coffee, thus saving water

    – Usage of recyclable paper plates for serving food

    – TFTs are preferred instead of CRT monitors, thus saving electricity

    – UPSs are used for power backup instead of power generators to stop noise and air pollution

    – If not required lights and computers are switched off, thus saving electricity

    – Laptops are preferred PCs, thus saving electricity

    – Air conditioners and fans are used only ‘when required’, thus saving electricity

    TechVoi, in its strive to be one of the best web designing companies in India is doing a great job in support of ‘Go Green’ campaign and hope to inspire other companies to be aware of Globe Warming and take positive steps to stop it before it is too late.