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    The Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Myths

    Aug 31, 2015

    When it comes to search engine optimization, there are tons of myths going around. Some of these myths border on being comical, while some actually verge on being damaging.

    As organic SEO marketing is so important for both businesses and individuals, it’s worth taking the time to bust five of the biggest SEO myths.

    Myth #1: Only Rank 1 Counts

    There’s this bizarre habit to value only the very best when it comes to SEO. Everybody’s looking for the best SEO services, or the best internet marketing company to help them achieve this top spot on Google. While this is admirable, it’s worth remembering all isn’t lost if you don’t rank in first place. Second place will provide you with a great return, as will third place.

    Myth #2: SEO is Easy to Learn

    Unfortunately, SEO is rather difficult to learn, which is why many people choose to outsource their marketing to the SEO experts. While expensive books may promise the world in seven days, search engine optimization is like any other skill – it takes a while to learn and even longer to master.

    If you have no knowledge of SEO, it’s advisable to let an organic SEO company complete the job for you.

    Myth #3: SEO Isn’t Related to Social Media

    Recently, search engines announced they’ll compile their rankings by taking into account social media data. That means the amount of shares, likes, retweets and follows you get is important. Why does this matter, you might ask? Well, in this social media driven world, people are responding to what they think is valuable content. By listening to what the public think, Google and co. feel they can refine their search algorithm to an even more relevant level.

    Myth #4: Site Usability Doesn’t Matter

    When it comes to ranking highly, site usability matters, a lot. In fact, it may be all but impossible to rank highly if your site isn’t up to a particular standard. Take mobile usability. In 2015, Google announced that sites that weren’t mobile friendly would suffer huge ranking drops on mobile search results. That means even if you have the greatest site in the world, if it isn’t suitable for a particular device, you’ll rank poorly. SEO experts recommend making your site responsive. It can save you from a lot of problems.

    Myth #5: You Only Need to do SEO Once

    One of the biggest SEO myths, at least according to every SEO agency we spoke with, is that SEO only needs to be done once. Sure, while building the fundamentals is important, SEO is an on-going thing. Google search algorithms change, you see, as does what’s acceptable and what’s not.

    The internet is constantly evolving, and everybody has to evolve with it. It would be nice to do something once and reap the benefits for decades to come, but sadly that’s not reality.