• Tips to Successful Twitter Marketing

    Jul 05, 2011

    With the changing times, Twitter has diversified into many tools such as news announcement, micro blogging, social network marketing tool.

    Web design and development is only 50% of the job. A good website has to be supported with a good and solid Facebook and Twitter campaign.

    Twitter has proved to be quite successful as a marketing tool. It is a highly effective way to compel traffic and establish a web presence in the short span of time. Any web marketer should know how to draw benefit from blogging formats by identifying the marketing prospects of Twitter, which is much shorter and quicker than other blogs.

    Twitter has distinct benefits over ordinary blogs. Reading/writing a blog requires certain amount of time, but in this hectic schedule, a Tweet can be written and read in no time.

    Here are certain ways that will help you to unleash the benefits of twitter for marketing.

    – When you start to share your dreams and fears, you connect with people on an intuitive level. Â People always remember you, before they even realize what you are selling.

    – Spamming can be quite easily detected on twitter. There are people who annoy unnecessarily without being interested in the product or services. Â You can be promoted as spammer in no time. So be careful of your tweets and bolgs.

    – Thus, you must post relevant and meaningful content that creates enough curiosity in to encourage your subscribers to follow the lead and bring in more potential customers.

    – People often look upto Twitter to catch up with gossip and news. They don’t go to do business quite often. So, try to add a little humor to seek their attention and get response.

    – Twitter can be helpful in building brand image, driving traffic, creating awareness and apprising people of the recent developments. But for every target, the strategy to content is different. So choose what you wish to achieve in your marketing efforts through Twitter.

    – People are keen to positive thoughts on Twitter. The more inspiring quotes you Tweet, the more response you will get on twitter.

    – If you wish to stand apart amongst the thousands of Twitter users and make your marketing efforts successful, the best way is to provide useful and original Tweets to your followers.

    – Engage your followers by considering their needs and giving them what they want. Talk to them and give them something that can be useful.

    Be courteous and polite with people as you would be in real life. Crack jokes, offer compliments to keep them involved. You’ll be amazed to see how well this would convert in the online space.