• What is the Importance of Colors in a Website?

    May 10, 2012

    Start-up of a company can bring with it numerous challenges and obstacles. Choosing an appropriate name for the company may be one of them but there are many more along the course. One of the major challenges one faces while starting out is marketing the products and services and branding. An easy way to do both is setting up a nice and useful website. A website will provide the necessary information regarding your products and services while acting as a gateway of communication between you and your clients.

    A good website does not depend on one particular element and is a careful selection of colors, quality information and features. The kind of products and services provided by you will usually determine what kind of features and information you want on your website but choosing colors can be a tricky business. Colors are an integral part of any custom web development project and probably the most complicated part of web designing. The colors chosen for the website provide the necessary tone and character to it which goes a long way in impressing the clients.

    First impression is very important for any business and when a client visits the website of your company, he will form his opinion about it based on what he sees. The aesthetic appeal of the website completely depends on the colors used but thats not the only thing that colors provide. Different colors also represent different things that are helpful in evoking a number of different emotions in the observer.

    As the first impression is often the last one, it is important that it should be a good one and that is probably why many companies around the world spend so much time and money in making the right logos, choosing the right colors and designing that perfect website. Different colors have different impact on different people and creating the right impact is almost as important as making a profitable sale within a certain timeframe. If the impact is right and the first impression is good, you can call it a good start.

    There are so many different colors and various emotions attached to them. Blue, for one, represent trust and is often associated with men. It evokes very strong emotions related to reliability, stability and longevity. These three emotions are the most important that can be associated with any company and that makes blue one of the most widely used colors in custom web designing. Blue has also been associated with feelings of love and fortitude.

    Red is another color that is known for evoking very strong emotions pertaining to exhilaration and prestige. The strength of the color has led it to being used to represent leadership, supremacy and command but it has also been used to convey very negative feelings such as peril and emergency and thus the color has to be used very carefully.

    Green has always been associated with nature and environment. It depicts serenity and has been linked to life and food. All the eco-friendly companies, products and services are being branded green to show care for the environment. It is a widely used color in web development mainly due to the huge number of associations it has. Green is also associated with money and any currency related service.

    Yellow is a light color depicting glory, sumptuousness and glow. It is associated with sunshine and gold and thus represents light and luxury. All high class products and services use different shades of yellow to portray quality and opulence.

    Orange is one of the more lively colors and conveys feelings of ingenuity and creative spirit. It has been often used to represent reliability and evokes emotions pertaining to cordiality, glee and valor.