• White hat seo techniques

    Why do White Hat SEO Techniques Always Win Against Black Hat Methods?

    Jul 04, 2014

    What makes white hat SEO the best option available to reach on top of the search engines? Undoubtedly, white hat tactics are the authentic and organic online internet marketing methods that bring highly relevant information to the human eyes. Some people still use black and gray hat techniques to impress search engines and they always run the risk of being penalized by the search engines. Although most people know that black hat strategies are unethical, there is a bit of confusion as far as gray tactics are concerned. Some people still get away with gray techniques. Anyhow, it is not all advisable to use black or gray because they can make you disappear from SERPs and the reputation damage can be really lethal for any business. The survival or revival can become a daunting task as well.

    Natural Content vs Manipulated Content

    White hat SEO includes unique, original and updated content and, it always advocates the keyword density to be fairly low. Black hat strategy promotes manipulated content and keyword stuffing can always be associated with this strategy. Ever since the introduction of Google updates, a lot of websites focus on creating content written in a natural way and they also give great importance to make keywords occurrence quite natural. In nutshell, white hat is the best method of approach.

    Guest Blogging and White Hat Strategy

    It can be described as a simple and result oriented way to build the link profile of a website. Guest posts should always address the same industry that a site is being linked to and a quality backlink is always created back to the site to make SEO really effective. When you perform white hat tactics, you will be able to exploit the optimal advantages of guest blogging and link building without violating any ethical practices.

    Internal Linking and Site Optimization

    Internal linking helps search engines read the structure of a website in an uncomplicated manner and the spiders will be able to crawl every page on the site to index them. In order to make the content and structure search engine-friendly, they should be tweaked and the readability factor assumes an importance of paramount as well. White hat SEO takes care of these aspects in the best possible manner.

    Link Baiting and Backlinking

    White strategy also includes link baiting, one of the most important areas of search engine optimization and it can also be described as the most difficult part. This strategy also covers backlinking. Before implementing a backlinking method, adequate research should be done and the visibility of the site should also be assessed in a detailed manner.

    Final Word on White Hat and Gray or Black Hat Techniques

    White hat always offers long lasting results but they can be described as time consuming tasks. You cannot expect immediate results with this method but over a period of time your website will be able to achieve higher rankings. Once you reach on top of search engines with the help of white hat SEO strategies, you will stay there for a long time. Unethical practices like black hat tactics may deliver good results within a short period of time but you always stand in with a chance of getting penalized by the search engines. When you get penalized, you may not be able to recover and it can lead to the closure of the business as well. If you can implement white hat techniques with the help of reputed and skilled SEO professionals, there is no need to depend on any unethical practices and you can always expect more sustainable results as well.