• Magento for ecommerce

    Why Magento Emerges as the Right Choice for your Ecommerce Dreams

    Jul 15, 2014

    Today, magento has revolutionized the concept of ecommerce development in many ways. Earlier, the process of building online shopping cart platforms and web stores was a complex and time consuming one and this open-source content management tool eliminates all these complexities with utmost efficiency. The highly beneficial features, flexibility and performance of magento can be described as truly commendable and people cannot find a better platform to build their ecommerce solutions with great ease and comfort.But do make sure you know the facts about Magento customization to make things smooth and easy for you.

    Take a look at some of the most prominent features of magento for ecommerce solutions:

    1) Product Browsing

    You can easily setup product catalogues with the help of Magento’s highly flexible merchandizing engine. Some of the key features include multiple images per product, product image zoom-in capability, stock availability, multi-tire pricing, up-sell, product option selection, product reviews, stock availability, add to wishlist and send to a friend with email.

    2) Catalogue Management and Browsing

    Main features under this category include private sales (including invitations, events and category access permission), category view and purchase permissions per on customer group, layered navigation, static block tool to create landing pages, ability to assign designs on category and product level, product comparisons, recently viewed products and configurable search with auto-suggested terms.

    3) Shipping and Payment

    Tailoring to the way you ship becomes completely hassle free because of the flexible offerings of magento and the shipping and payment features are multiple shipments per order, integrated for real-time shipping rates from various shipping agencies, shipping to multiple addresses in one order, flat rate shipping per order and item, table rates for weight, destination, number of items and product sub-totals, customer store credits, configuration to authorize and charge on creation of invoices, saved credit card method for offline payments, integrated with Amazon payments and multiple PayPal gateways, Gift certificates and accept checks/purchase orders/money orders.

    4) Checkout

    The magento checkout process offers the much needed flexibility to integrate with a wide range of payment gateways and methods and, it also provides a secure checkout process to ship items to multiple addresses.

    5) Site and Order Management

    You can efficiently manage your online channel with the help of a highly usable interface and the process of managing multiple stores from a single administration panel becomes less complicated. Order tracking and management also become an enjoyable process with this unique platform.

    6) Reporting and Analytics

    The reporting suite of Magento CMS offers great visibility as far as the performance of the store is concerned and you can easily make changes to respond to the needs of your customers. Unique and well-designed integrations with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer always give you further insight into the performance of the store.

    7) Support for Multiple Currencies

    Magento offers unlimited support for multiple currencies with utmost efficiency.


    With help of this open-source platform, you can compare different products and you can also build as many web stores as you can. The plugins definitely broaden the capabilities of this platform and the highly advanced content management system makes the process of managing the product catalogue really easy. It will be unfair not to mention about the inbuilt SEO features that make your online shopping cart highly visible to search engines and the ever flexible shipping and payment gateways ensure smooth business transactions all across the globe. It is equally beneficial for the shoppers because of the features like single page checkout, product comparison and drop down menus. The magento skins make the process of customizing your online store less complicated and a huge number of people are of the opinion that this highly beneficial content management system is the last word for all types of ecommerce solutions.