• Why Unfriendly SEO Themes are Bad for your Site

    Jul 01, 2014

    A website or a blog is hard enough to manage. Such sites require a lot of work to bring together. While some people opt for website developers, graphic designers and theme authors, there are some who do it alone. Whichever option one goes for, it is imperative that they get the best services they can get. This is because a shoddy job will reflect on the site and reduce traffic or make the site rank lower on search engines. Here, focus is on SEO friendly themes.

    Any website owner is concerned about the theme they have on their site. These themes have to be SEO-friendly if one intends to have their site stand out in the crowd. This is where a theme author comes into the picture. Theme authors are professionals who provide themes for websites online. However, some simply brand their themes ‘SEO-friendly’ when in fact they are not. These authors just brand their packages as SEO friendly in order to help them sell. For a website owner who does not know how to differentiate between authentic and fake themes, experiencing problems with the site is inevitable. Here are some reasons why some WordPress themes do very little to assist your site.

    Take a site that talks about a health condition, for example. Such a blog is intended to help parents who happen to have children suffering from the condition. It would be frustrating if the owner of the blog starts experiencing a drop in his or her ranking. This is real and it affects many website users who are not wary of the mischief played upon them by unscrupulous theme authors. This should be considered with the realization that for a site to get high rankings, its content has to be SEO friendly. With a theme that is SEO unfriendly, this cannot be achieved.

    A site owner who experiences a drop in his or her ranking could be using a faulty rel=canonical link on the theme of their site. Such a link points to the homepage of the site rather than the proper URL for a published post or page. The effect of using an incorrect canonical link is that Google will pick it up and get rid of many published posts and pages on the site. This may happen even if you use the right plugin on another site because of the manner in which the theme is built.

    Such are the problems which site owners experience with poor themes. This also goes to show that most theme authors do not even know what they are doing. There are, however, some themes that have become known and reputed for their SEO friendliness. For instance, StudioPress and BlueGlass, some of the best SEOs the world has, have measures to ensure that their sites have the best themes for their users. To determine whether a theme is SEO friendly, site owners need to invest. The good thing about this is that they are guaranteed of good quality SEO for their present and future use.