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    WordPress Development for AVS Security

    Apr 09, 2013


    Designing a WordPress website for a company that provides security solutions is never an easy job, but we at incorporated all the required elements to create a functional website that lives up to the company’s reputation. It was not an easy job since our WordPress developers had to take into consideration a plethora of requirements and mould them into an elite web design. We made sure to give it a professional look that was influential and explained the company’s motto well.


    The website by our WordPress developers was based on a two colour theme; grey and blue. Both colours represent high level of professionalism and commitment. Overall, there are 9 pages in the website, each with the same theme.

    Home Page

    Visitors are greeted at the Home page with a’Welcome’ line with red fonts to stand out. On the top, there are tabs leading to other pages of the website. Below these tabs, there is a slideshow to give visitors a glimpse of the business. On the right side, there are two boxes. The first box is for those who want to join the firm while the second box offers news related to the business.

    Other Pages:

    About Us: This is a small page that talks about the business and its motto.

    Services: A page laying out the services provided by AVS Security. Our WordPress developers decided to give each service its own tab to keep it more professional and to avoid confusions.

    Points of Difference: A page that talks about the characteristics of AVS Security.

    Testimonials: As the name implies, this page has testimonials from customers.

    Risk Assessment: Again, the page has several tabs for each risk assessment service.

    Careers: A page offering job opportunities in the firm.

    Training and Contact Us: Both are short pages giving out information regarding the business.

    All pages have the same blue and grey tone. The entire website is an example of how professional a WordPress website can be. Our WordPress developers at made sure to give the website a corporate feel to make sure customers are influenced by it.