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    ASCERTAINING CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS The first step primarily involves evaluating customer needs and requirements. Technical requirements, target market, target audience, likes / dislikes, color / style preferences and other specifications are noted.
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    CONCEPT CREATION Once we have grabbed all information from the customer, solution(s) / concept(s) are proposed to the customer and his feedback requested.
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    CONFIRM YOUR ORDER A detailed Scope Of Work document is created for customers approval which contains each and every detail of the project along with delivery schedule, milestones and payment terms.
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    THE FIRST DRAFT Work commences once the Scope of Work document is signed by both parties. The design concepts are created and revisions done as per customer feedback. Customer approval is requested at each and every stage of the development process.
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    THE TESTING PHASE Before going live, the product is first hosted live on our test servers for customer testing and approval. Revisions are done based on feedback from customer. Once finalized, we are good to move to the final stage of the project.
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    THE FINAL STAGE The product is made live and all deliverables handed over to customer with commitment of 15 days / 1 month / 3 months / 6 months free support (per the terms finalized).

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