• X Japan Music , A Thunderous WordPress Design for the Rockstars

    Mar 21, 2013

    We all know how popular X Japan Music is and creating a Website  for the band for quite a task for our WordPress developers. Even the slightest amount of negligence to details would have taken the entire image of the band down. What did we do? Our expert WordPress developers at came up with a loud, rocking Website design that not only fulfilled the needs of the band’s image but it also added to their online presence.

    X Japan Music’s website is one of our most prestigious Websites we have ever done. It is loaded with glamour and the much needed dark and thrilling feel that the hard metal band needed. We gave them a website with blue shades and black all over it, with their logos and offerings neatly placed on the side and the top.

    Home Page

    Unlike our usual WordPress designs for corporate customers, we kept the Home page for X Japan Music different. Visitors land on the Home page where they are offered news and pictures of the band. Since the website had to inspiring and thrilling, we didn’t feel the need of adding a traditional Home page to it. Instead, we added a News page giving updates to fans regarding the band.

    On top, there are tabs to other pages with the logo of the band being right in the centre of these tabs. On the right, users will find updates and offerings from the band.

    Other Pages

    Tour: A simple page giving dates of tours of the band.

    Audio: This page is the audio section of the website for the band.

    Video: A video section of the website where fans can find videos of the band.

    Share: A simple page containing widgets and banners to share.

    Gallery: A page containing images of the concerts and other similar outings of the band.

    Timeline: Giving out the band’s biography to fans.

    Links: Contains some important links of the band.

    Forum: A page meant for fan discussions.

    Shop: An online shop where fans can buy accessories from the band.

    To create a perfect WordPress Website, WordPress developers need to be proficient in their fields. By grasping the true concept of the business and implementing it in the designs, developers can bring out the best possible online image of the brand. Developers at are truly masters in the craft. Hire WordPress developers from to get the most elite and suitable designs for your web entities.